sad sad sad

today is a sad day. someone hacked my blogger account! yep, someone have been using my blogger account and i don’t know for how long now. i can’t login. fuck! i hope whoever that person is, isn’t using my identity and gawd knows what’s he doing with my account. even have banned my ip address, always redirecting me to sorry-whatever page.

i should have never loaned my laptop. i thought i was being kind when i loaned my dearest lucy.2 since i weren’t using it. my high school batch is organizing our reunion and have asked if i can loan my laptop. since i have 3 (don’t ask why i have 3, i just have 3 laptops), i readily handed lucy.2 to the organizing committee. actually it’s my way out of the committee, they were asking me to chair it but i beg off and in return loaned my laptop, you know, peace offering. i forgot that i auto-login all my personal accounts (gmail, blogger, metobankdirect, paypal, amazon…) since lucy.2 was my very personal laptop. so, me, the naive and trusting me, handed a very personal part of me to a group of people i knew in high school. fast forward to now. i was reading jason‘s blog and was about to post a comment when blogger won’t accept my password. i went to blogger’s homepage was redirected to a sorry page. identity theft! i can’t think of anything else how one can hack my account since i practice a strong password. i’m going to hunt all the members of the organizing committee and beat the truth out of them! i’m really hoping that they haven’t done any ‘damage’. because i won’t really forgive them…

i need to get back my blogger account. fuck it!

update: i have contacted the organizing committee and tracing who and when dear lucy.2 was at for the last 2 weeks. tracing all the activities as well of my accounts; paypal had a us$175 charge and metrobank direct just enrolled a 3rd party account. this person is vicious i tell you. i will get to the bottom of this.
to all who have interacted with my accounts for the last 2 weeks, please disregard them. it may not be me…


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