back to the salt mines

monotonyit’s 5.30 in the morning, the sun is peaking over the horizon. i have been working for 16 hours straight…

i have been tasked with the complex process to oversee the escalation process in the current group i am helping out.  it’s a careful balancing act of endless meetings, ticket reviews, document peparation, excel skills (which i lack so much), emailing and people pushing. in actuality, i have been doing this role for a while and transitioned it to someone else when the project was a bit doing well. but evidently, the milk has gone sour so to speak, and was asked again to assume this role because of one and only one thing, my ability to push people. yep, i am a people pusher. i’m pushy, i’m bitchy, i’m cranky, hollah for friedreich! i made several eye brows rised during that stint and i think this time i’ll be making permanent enemies. well what’s a few more 😉 .

 i’m sleeping soon, wake up by 11.00 in the morning and should be back in the office by 2.00pm for another round of meetings, ticket reviews, documents and silly stuff.


2 thoughts on “back to the salt mines

  1. Malaki ang sweldo, marami ang trabaho. Hehehe =)

    Wag ka na magalit, seatmate ko yun kaya madali ako nayaya.

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