super cyan

i’m dying. got your attention, hah! well i am, sorta. i’ve been losing sleep, skipping meals, skin breakouts, gallons of coffee… this is my day to day life now. people see me asleep in my table, taking a nap. exhausted wouldn’t quite give justice how tired and weak i am. but i have to get on, move on… just for this week. just for 1 week. 24 days had passed and the 3rd5th is just a couple of hours away. i wish i can elaborate more but i can’t. i wish i am just exaggerating things, blowing things out of proportion but i’ afraid i’m not. i only get 2-3 hours sleep, 3.5 tops. and my day is a long and tiring one. gawd i wish i am as energetic when i was starting out in my first company. this is peanuts compared back then.

-oOo- yep, i have my own domain email courtesy of google apps. i love google! and i can host as many as 1000 but i opted for the 100 users only. i want quality rather than quantity ๐Ÿ˜‰ . i’m trying to tweak my domain name setting to add some more functionality. i want to sub-domain my google calendar and google docs, but not this weekend. my weekend is as full as my weekday. i’m sounding like a very busy person, well i am in sorts. but for the first time in 3 months, this weekend will be spent with friends. i am investing time with my friends and i freaking love it. i don’t care if i’m sleep deprived. and i need some heavy shopping. i haven’t shopped in a month! gawd! i need new shoes and clothes to match. i’ll try not to pass by greenbelt 4 gucci. there’s this bag i’m dying to get my hands into and another chance to see it will screw up my gucci-less-frugal-living-2nd-half-of-the-year promise.

@}-,-‘– i’m moving. i am transferring to manila by june. i really look forward to it. imy mom was able to find a 2 bedroom/2 storey flat in the heart of manila, near espana and lrt 2. it’s not my first choice but it is one i made to console my mom. my neighbour is my nurse aunt on the left and police uncle on the right. my landlady is my aunt as well. yes, the flat i’ll be moving into is a townhouse all owned by my relatives. my chua relatives that i really don’t interact with except nod to during family gatherings. enough about them, i love my room! it’s so spacious that it can fit my king size bed, my office table (i telecommute), tv/dvd player, dvd and cd collection and still have space to do whatever. the 2nd room will be converted to a walk-in closet. it’s a must for me. i need room for my clothes and shoes, all 45 of them. i might also use this as a study room, i just need to have some bookshelves installed for all the books and magazines i have and a lazy couch for reading. i dunno how i will have it arranged, the flat that is. but definitely i want a minimalist flat of my own with the exception of my bedroom. i want luxury where i find most comfort in.


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