dehydrated weekend

i don’t know know, but i feel shitty. the entire weekend was spent on my bed, dehydrated. i wasn’t even able to take a shower, eewwww! i have this splitting headache that if i move just a little i feel that 1o thousand kilos was put against my head and i’d topple down.


i have to say, if you’re planning to get a swirl card from coffee bean and tea leaf, don’t. their system is so shitty that my card which had a problem a month ago is still with them and there’s no word when can i get it. when i got the card, i decided to deposit php500 and use it as a debit card (much like my starbucks card in australia and the us). when i asked the counter person if there’s an online system to check my balance and transactions, he said no. i felt a little iffy then on but i decided against my gut and take it upon chance that nothing would go wrong. boy was i so wrong! the 2nd transaction i had with the card, i bought a caesar salad. i don’t know the exact details but right after the cashier swiped my card, my balance became -php10. the nerve! unless that salad cost php500++ i say their feaking system is nothing but shit! and now my card is all their’s and all i have is… NADDA! bitches!


finally, a song sent to me by a very special friend…


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