vanity is my favorite sin…

 i’m going at it. i mean i will be sticking with my decision to grow my hair to the length when i was in europa. it’s somewhat irritating; it’s in this awkward length that the hair at my back keeps irritating my lower nape. keeping my cool to grow it a little longer. now the styling…

option 1

look 1

option 2

look 2 

option 3

 hair day

gawd, i’m so vain. i’m liking option 2, has that character…


8 thoughts on “vanity is my favorite sin…

  1. is it just me or is option 2 more anime than option 1 (think son gokou of dragon ball in super sayan mode). Option 1 is more, uhm, jpop or koreanovela-ish.

    Although option 3 is the old style, i prefer it over the others. simple, more manageable, easier to style.

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