kalbo in the city

i’ve been lazy fixing up my hair lately; it’s in this awkward length that it has a mind of it’s own. i think i need to visit my stylist once again. or should i have my head shaved? to something like this…

maton siga sa kanto

picture taken a couple of years back, me thinks circa 2005. just toying with the idea of being hairless again. it was actually cool, literally. and i don’t have to spend time with my hair, i mean what’s there to fix and work on? one comment i had before was that i look like a sanggano, your street-thug, a neighborhood bully. i almost laughed. so the following day i complimented my skinhead with this…

kalbo in floral

an embroidered floral, semi sheer polo. and i don’t have anything underneath. together with my italian cigarette cut pants and french caramel colored moccasins, that set her straight.


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