blues clues does red

wednesday fever, yey! we had our group’s monthy coffee talk. it’s basically a meeting, a townhall if you will, were we announce important stuff, gives award to crazy people and dress crazier. it’s an excuse to be mad if you ask me 😉 . but it’s really nice, i mean to have an avenue to reward people for their hardwork, to get together and touch base with other teams and enjoy each other’s company. this month’s team is kiddie party!


the committee handed out custom invitations, a piece of paper with a cartoon or kiddie character-uncolored together with a crayon. just one. you get to color the image and since you only have a piece, you need to ‘borrow’ from other people. cleverly put to encourage people to talk and ask from others. it was unfortunate though that my invitation had blues clues on it with a scarlet crayon.

i came dressed as little boy blue-a farmer in gucci. who said little boy blue can’t wear designer? 😉 i wore a corduroy khaki colored jumpsuit and a gucci stripe blue shirt with cartoonista baby blue havainas. i wore my gucci shades to tie the look together-the farm hits high fashion. most came in their kiddy attire; anne came as a modern day little red ridding hood. a black, high waisted, above the knee, empire cut with a mustard yellow blouse. a red knitted, hooded jacket with an old blue, mid cut chuck taylors. loving the look! pig tails to complete the ensemble. the room was decorated as if it was a kiddy party, with balloons, streamers and confetti. awards were cleverly hidden inside some balloons together with the confetti to be popped by unsuspecting awardees themselves. it was such a fun day! i got myself balloons in my favorite colors. it so compliments my kiddie attire.



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