hope for everyonei love children’s book that most of the time i’m in a bookstore are spent that special section, the children’s section. maybe it’s the child in me wanting to be nurtured, wanting me to feed it and grow. or maybe it’s the simplicity of words, the directness of the message less the complex vocabulary. it can be the images and child like drawing and caricature that conveys a smile. i don’t know…

hope for the flowers is one of those books that happen to grab my attention. maybe it’s the yellow cover that attracted me to it, but turning the pages i find myself drawn to it more and more. i was able to relate, to a caterpillar. i was able to identify to a restless caterpillar, always looking for more. whatever that more is. and page after page i discover myself for that moment. it made me think, and only few things can do that. it made me search me and questions what i’ve been doing.

this is not your ordinary children’s book, actually i don’t consider this as a children’s book. the illustrations maybe child-like, even the choice of words and type-set. but the message cuts across like a blade. it searches your inner being and leaves a mark for you to remember always. and makes you grow, even just for that moment.


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