being philosophical about it

i fondly remember my 3rd year high school t.h.e. (technology and home economics) teacher asked this question while we were discussing livestock raising, specifically goats: what is more important, time or money. of course the question was pertaining to raising goats as a means of livelihood, and so i answered time. to my surprise, all of my classmates answered money; and not only that, my teacher said that they’re right. fuck, i’m wrong. she figured that time is eternal, it would not go away and will always be there but money, is a limited resource. you can only bomb, exploit and mine mother earth for a period of time before you ran out of gold.

looking at it now, i think i was right all along. time is more important than moolah. don’t get me wrong, money do make the world go round. i love money and can’t get enough of it so i can buy that supple, supple lamb skin chanel men’s hobo bag. but you see, the thinking is, money, though a limited resource (its equivalent in gold) can be earned. you work your ass off, suck up (figuratively speaking here) to the right bosses, extend hours and bam! money. but time, as much as it is unlimited and eternal so to speak, can’t be earned. it’s like currency, you spend time but you can’t earn it back. how many moments in your life you’ve wanted to go back to and erase or have a complete do-over? spare me the ms. universe answer that you won’t change a thing and that everything that happened in your life made you who you are answer, please. do i have to remind you that time you wore black leather shoes and brown belt? or that time you wore your red stiletto pumps with the silver phyton skin purse. honey, everyone has that moment, you’re not alone. no amount of money can give you that moment, that experience of first kiss or your graduation day. your first airplane ride, first heartache or your first ever louis vuitton (thanks mother!).

i think i need to get back with my teacher and tell her that in the real life, time trumps money, hands down. 


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