on to the next beyond…

i don’t know if i tried so hard to simplify my life or it is really simple. lately i realized that i am deciding on really important things with fair ease. it’s not your run of the mill what-shoes-to-match-my-bag decision, but those that actually have a large impact in the future me. no, it’s not the impulsive arian in me, it much more higher, much more grown up. it scares me to death that i am deciding of these things with relative ease; it’s like just a project that i manage, removing the non-performers, tuning the process, improving the team-recipe for a successful project. is my life now just a project that i manage? shouldn’t it be more that just a notch, but rather the center of my existence? i need to breathe here.

gimme space, gimme leg room. i need to figure out these things… and so i attended the landmark forum in aim. it’s a 3-day and a night seminar that is all about me. dahon attended this same seminar and was ecstatic. she was rather going through a difficult time and this gave her clarity. i was intrigued of such power a seminar can give to a person so i joined.

life is as complex as we want it to be, and as simple as we would like it. this statement might sound obvious but i challenge you, do you really understand it? we always say we are powerless, that we are victims of circumstances and have become resolved, even resigned with the situation we are in. we digress with the mundane things that we don’t really know where to go to, and if it is where we want to go. 

i still don’t know where life would lead be but at least now i know, and understand the sound of one hand clapping, and it sound great.


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