i wanna be stranded in an island

saturday was hilarious i tell yah. i was supposed to watch a movie with anto and dahon, temptation island by joey gosiengfiao. cinema one is having a sine klassik festitival at the cinema 1 of megamall. but dahon was stuck in lipa; she went their for her monthly braces appointment. so it was just me and anto. met up with bugsy earlier at glorietta 4 and we bought a pair of gucci sunglasses. mine’s white and his was black. freaking mrt was full! i was running late with my 7.30pm meet up with anto that i decided to take the train rather than the taxi. now i know how it feels like to be stuck, literally, in the mrt with all sorts of smell from all walks of life. good thing i brought an overnight bag with my perfume in it. i’m suppose to sleepover at dahon’s. she bargained that since i’m making her watch this movie, we’ll watch ratatouille in greenbelt sunday after, thus the overnight bag. however, dahon‘s suck somewhere way down south with a newly adjusted braces so i had the bag with me for no apparent reason. anyway, the bag was hot and i needed a reason to use it again.

now the movie, hilarious! it was just all laugh. i don’t know if the director intentionally made some of the characters hard in the enunciation part (bot for both, bits for bitch) but it was all fun. some scenes are very funny; one scene was when the girls were starving to death started to hallucinate a giant ice cream cone. gawd! as if they were making love to the giant cone. and when the girls decided to dance to get rid of their hunger, suzzane and bambi broke into a fight and azenith continued to dance like hell without any care in the world. like what i promised dahon, this movie is a mine of one-liner. and my new favorite one is “i don’t have time in the ramblings of middle class society”. o ha! san ka pa! i simply died last saturday night.


2 thoughts on “i wanna be stranded in an island

  1. waah… i missed this one again. was on a date kasi and didn’t know if the date would be gay enough to appreciate the movie. we ended up watching transformers instead. argh!

    ang bugsy, ang payat! parang hindi na-onshore. 9 months nawala, parang nanganak lang. ^_^

    kamusta sister?

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