i look like a quilted comforter with red accents. this is my 4th allergy attack in a matter of 10 days. i’m patched with red scratch marks all over my back, arms and chest. i dunno from where, i refrained from eating carrots and strawberries which i am allergic to. i think i am developing allergies, to prawns specially. it seems twice from the 4 attacks was when i had prawns for lunch. bu the funny thing is that i ate prawns in between attacks and i didn’t itch a single bit. and i’ve never been allergic to prawns, as in nevah! this is my back after 2 tablets of claritin.

allergic backallergic back

my second attack was the worst, no amount of claritin and iterax worked that i was rushed to the e.r. and was administered antihistamine via intramuscular (injection). i need to visit an allergy specialist. i’m afraid of this recurrent and unknown allergy.


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