on this rainy days…

 i love to read, not as much as i used to read before but i’m getting back on it. though i have the new harry potter book, i’ve never turned a page. i promised myself that i would get back on it, that i would start reading again. i would relive my love for children’s books. beside the fact that i am a kid at heart, i love how simple they are. that they give me hope when it seems so bleak and distraught. same reason why i somewhat slipped or lost my interest in the harry potter books starting book 5; too heavy and much drama for my taste. i like it really light and fun.

i’m currently reading the morning star triology by nick bantock. it’s the continuation of the extraordinary life and correspondence of griffin and sabine. these are the books that i love that made a huge impact not only to me liking to read, but also to me as a person.

though aside from these children’s books, i also like fictional literatures; light, romance, gay-lit. i specially like the timothy james beck series of books and have fell in love with one of the characters there, blane dunhill. though i also like that of rob byrnes, dan savage  and jon jeffrey’s, they have this way of capturing you into their stories as if you are there, in their shoes. witty and straight to the casserole humor that will endear you to the characters and their love of life.


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