the weekend that was

i know i promised that i’ll put a cap on my shopping, but it’s a long weekend and i’m stuck in the city with nothing to do. i really want to go out for a weekend by the shore by all my friends have their own thing. so hanging on for dear life, and boredom, i shopped. and shopped. and shopped.


friday. asked a colleague to patch me so i can take my 1.30pm call at home. well enough, i finished the call early at 3.00pm and prep up to go to makati sports club for our coffeetalk. met kat there however i just stayed for 30 minutes. really not my thing; call me anti-social, but i can’t stand crowds. so called alan and bugsy for a quick shopping. though bugsy joined much later for dinner. yaya on tow, i scour glorieta and greenbelt for a much needed retail therapy and ended up buying 3 long sleeved shirts at tyler, a  burgundy colored shirt at springfield and shoes in carbon. we ate at max brenner since i heard that they have a mean pasta dish there.  i had the classic pasta in garlic and olive with shrimp and yaya had the chicken arabiata and washed it with a good hot cup mexican chili cocoa. bugsy, late as ever arrived while we were having dessert at coffee bean. i love their ultimate mocha and pistachio sans rival and so i ordered the pair, yaya had the triple decker. the famished bugsy wanted to have dinner so it’s off to another restaurant, kitchen. i had the pumpkin soup. do they really user pumpkin or substitute it with a local squash? i dunno…

saturday. to start the day right, i had a spa treatment, a coffee scrub and a whole body massage as i do every weekend. this have become a routine for me; taking care of my body with this lavish pampering. right after i went shopping, hehehe. topman have been a consistent source of decent clothes for me. so i buy. and buy. and buy. 4 shirts to be exact. on my way out of the mall, i saw guess and decided to give them a go. it’s always been a let down for me there. their sizes are always for the big boned however there this was white long sleeved shirt on the rack, in a small size. so this was me on a guess boutique, grab, run, fit, swipe, smile. finally, i bought something at guess that made me smile. went home, dumped my shopping bags and decided to celebrate my good fortune at timog for some good loving, read as ate my fat ass off and drowned myself with starbucks drinks.

sunday. after a resounding sleep, i went to see my dentist for my monthly braces adjustment. and gawd, she pulled my lower right molar. so i’m happy, not because i’m a tooth less but because of the drugs. hehehe. tooth or no tooth, i made my way to podium. viktor jeans texted me earlier that the 2 jean i have ordered are available. so i braved edsa and made my way to the bustling ortigas center. met up with bugsy who have just finished his gym training in ortigas. so i fit, and fit and ended up ordering for a new pair. yes, i am a viktor jeans addict and i have 15 pairs of their jeans in my closet. i already have my vip#1; for those not in the know, every 10th pair of jeans, ito will give you a vip jeans for free. and the design (back pocket design) is not available for you to buy. so 5 more and i’ll have the vip#2. makig our way down, i dropped by at topman and bought myself another shirt and this time, a white belt. hungry, we ate at lasa at the ground floor and had palabok. can’t eat anything hard or chewy or hot since i had a tooth extraction. went home and dropped everything at the house and off to the spa, again. once can’t have too many massages. bugsy in tow, we went to timog for a relaxing swedish massage. after our his-and-his massages, separate rooms of course you pervs!, went to morato starbucks. my now-empty-space-where-my-molar-used-to-be needs some cold loving. goodness! that piece of place is the hangout of pubescent hot things. i think, except me, bugsy is the oldest and he’s only 23. later sipping my venti mocha frap, bugsy with his venti green tea frap and a shared oreo cheese cake, 2 lean, muscled guys were walking to and fro the patio (smoking area) and the inside the covered area. i noticed. i asked bugsy if those 2 guys were money for hire guys. in the light of the malu fernandez story and sounding stereotypical, i have to say they do look like money for hire guys. bugsy did correct me that they were part of this all boy group and that they performed in government sometime before. touche.

monday. need i say it? ok, i shopped. you happy? it’s a long weekend and i need to do something. kim forgot his zen video when he gave his pasalubong to me when he was in cebu. i promised him that we’ll meet in monday so i can give it back to him. we met at megamall with his boyfriend. they will be watching the gawd-awful movie blades of glory so i didn’t bother joining. 5 storey shopping mall, considered 1 on the largest in the world, credit cards at hand, no prior appointment, shop!!! on my way home, i somewhat decided to shave it all off, now i have no hair.

2 shoes, 13 long sleeves, 3 jeans, a belt, spa treatments and a facial, 4 venti mocha frap, 5 venti drip coffee and a bald head after, i’m flat ass broke. if there’s one thing i’m really good at, it’s not shopping but being fabulously broke. 🙂


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