i don’t feel a single bit of excitement. posting this blog in the airport, i will be riding a plane bound to to the middle of nowhere in 30 minutes and i will be staying there for 3 months. surprised? i really didn’t bother blogging about it, close friends knew about it since i demanded that we get together before i leave. that’s 3 freaking months in a remote and desolate place. exaggerating here, i’ll be staying in a nice, posh hotel in the downtown area, with thanksgiving holiday looming in mind. but you see i am not really looking forward to it. well halloween is different story though.


20070902034nagoya japan (11.50 am GMT+9) – northwest sucks. i hate their plane. i love my new carryon bag, so stylish amidst the so-so bags of people here. hehehe. and kate spade passport holder is sooo pretty. it’s gold with pink lining inside. i passed by hermes at the duty free shop looking fora kelly bag, unfortunately they don’t have an all leather bag there. saw this lady sporting a black ostrich leather hermes birkin, it was so beautiful! i almost cried, think i shed a tear. just 1 though.


20070902035 detriot, michigan (12.35pm EST) – waiting for my connecting flight to the province 45202. boarding on gate b19 by 2.51pm. jenny is on the lookout for an outlet to plug her laptop, good thing i’ve fully charged this baby before i packed it. a bit hungry, will eat soon. freaking concourse wifi service charges us$8.00 for their internet service. everything airport is overpriced. i miss changi airport free internet.


20070902038 hotel (5.35pm EST) – got myself a 2 bedroom suite with kitchen and living area. sharing it with jenny. now if only i have a wood burning fireplace, that would be cool! need to unpack and to all those stuff but i need to rest and find a place to eat. google earth would be my new best friend.


One thought on “45202

  1. enjoy yur stay in states friedreich..and bring more pasalubong! hehehe…bring me some gay porn dvd pleaseeeeeeeeee wen you come home hehehe. i will pay you here..:)

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