playing favorites

by now i guess you’ve guessed that my #1 addiction is shoes. nice italian leather shoes. i have a lot of shoes and i figured that though people usually invest in houses or cars, i invest on good shoes. there’s this feeling that one gets on donning on a finely crafted, well designed, beautiful shoes that best even sex. yes, i’ll trade hot sex with a good pair of pradas anytime.

i don’t want to play favorites with my shoes because they do have feelings and tend to be jealous of my usual shoes, but, between you and me, i love and gaga over my croc skin shoes. i love how it looks like, never mind that it stings like hell after an hour of wearing it. going over my shoe racks, i noticed a a black pair i bought in the u.s., 2 years ago. and i haven’t worn it, not once, except when i tried it on. it’s a stacy adams that i fell in love with while in new york. i actually bought 2 pairs of stacys but this one happened to be not worn. i think i decided to wear it on special occasions, but i never did had that special occasion. so, she was silently tucked away in my shoe rack. cleaning her up real good, buff and shine to its window display moment.

a tip,  when traveling, bring with you 2 leather shoes, a brown and a black pair. make sure that it’s not a brown-brown, in the first place why would you wear/own brown shoes in the shade of earth? you don’t want to do that, trust me. earth shade brown is a nightmare when it comes to matching it with your wardrobe. don’t stuff your shoes on your overstuffed luggage, love your shoes so it would love you back. shoes should be either in your carry-on or in your check-luggage provided you’ve secured it and it won’t get squished. on the plane, wear your most comfortable kicks, but please no flip-flops on international flights. a nice sneakers or trainers would do. if you need to exercise your foot specially in long haul fight, remove your shoes and try flexing your foot and stand on the balls of your foot. this would not only improve blood circulation and give you instant relief, it would also improve your foot arch to get the high-arch shape that you’ve wanted so dearly.

it’s september 3 here, labor day holiday. might as well get some sun and explore my new home for 3 months, zip code 45202.


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