jeans overload

viktor overload

5 of 13. i want to bring them all but i can only bring as much.

upper right is my ultimate skinny jeans. hugs my legs right as if it’s my second skin. this is, shall i say, my ultimate jeans. promise delivered; you gonna get laid. hehehe. lower left is my vip#1, the free couture. the one they give out after your 10th pair. the back pocket design has 3 colors you can customize, mine’s red, pink and white. most of my jeans are vp#1, the ultimate skinny jeans, in shinny gold. i love the classics with a twist.

i’ll be in downtown later and will catch a dance performance in the local performing arts theater here. one thing i love about this country is that theater is so accessible. i have a love affair with performing arts, specially dance. carefully selected ensemble for later…

rocking it

a day out to town, and a side trip to saks fifth and macy’s. culture and shopping on a weekend, what else to do?


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