weekend getaway

i won’t tell you how i got the tickets, a box full of ups and downs will lash out followed by frustrations. 2 tickets for paramount’s kings island, supposedly the best theme part in the mid-west, but still in the mid-west. although ohio is in eastern time zone, it’s still smack down in the center, borders us and canada, beside niagra. but the hell, it’s free.

ride me baby

braving 41°F, went with jenny some 28 miles far away. we were awe struck with the sheer size of this place. it’s huge! several theme parks in one place. paramount pictures really did a number on this one. i was drooling with the number of thrill rides they have. i wanted to try them all but jenny chickened out. girls, huh! we did try the racer, a classic, wooden roller coaster ride. though it’s a classic, it’s still a killer. and the twist here is that 2 simultaneous series of coaches, one going forward and the other going backwards. we did both! jenny lost her cap though during the forward ride. next stop, the beast! there was the 3d movie as well of sponge bob. it’s imax theather and enchanted kingdom’s rialto, it really grabs you and the seat action adds to the thrill.

interestingly, there were several caricature stands there. giving in to the kid in me, i gave it a go and ask an artist to draw a caricature of me. i told him to draw me with the son of the man as an inspiration. so from a faceless business man, to this.

son of a man, friedreich style

i so freaking love it! he even got the stubbles of hair on my chin. the bowler hat on the side, single breasted suit in charcoal gray and the umbrella detail. notice that i have rosy cheeks because of the weather here. so nice! and that the hot late teens artist was hitting on me made the experience worth it. jenny had her’s done as well, but she was a panda. hahaha, top that! one hot panda she is. i also won a stuffed dog. there was this game that the game master will try to guess either your age, weight or birth month. she needs to be accurate +/- 2 years, pounds or months depending on what you chose to let her guess. i let her chose my age. she guessed i am 23, boy was she so wrong. i took it as a compliment though. so tired…


just moved out of the marriott hotel to a high rise apartment, one lytle place. got myself a 2 bedroom space. not at all expecting a guest for the 2nd room, it’s for all those stuff i’ll buy here 😉 . and mom will probably visit me here, she’s in viriginia key at miami, florida now but we’ll be spending thanks giving at my aunt in san francisco. that is if there are still flights available on thanks giving weekend.

update: my apartment is amazing! the master is huge with a walk in closet and own full bath. the 2nd room has 2 double bed good for guests (as if i’m having any), huge, huge living space with a veranda overlooking the ohio river and the paul brown stadium. pics to follow. i’m so excited with this huge space, all to my self. now i just need to find out the nearest grocery store for some home cooking.
inspired by: Shermans – My Favorite Cuppa
via FoxyTunes


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