recipe of the day: baked pumpkin soup


  • 1 small size ripe pumpkin
  • onion
  • garlic
  • green pepper
  • bacon
  • olive oil

cut open the pumpkin on top. scrape all seeds and fibers until the pumpkin meat is exposed. set aside. in a bowl, pull all scrapings and add hot water. press down the fibers until the flavor comes out. mince onion and garlic and cube the green pepper to size desired. put pumpkin on a plate and add the garlic, onion and pepper inside. season with sea salt, pepper corn, thyme and italian herbs. add the pumpkin extract until it the pumpkin is filled to the rim. slice some bacon and put on top. cover the pumpkin with the head and place in a preheated oven set to 500 farenheit. cook for 1 hour 20 minutes. oven baked remove the pumpkin cover after 20 minutes to allow bacon to cook. add olive oil by pouring on top of the bacon. stir the soup every 15 minutes to evenly cook. serve in a large dish bowl.


baked pumpkin soup baked pumkin soup

best served with angel cake to scoop those tasty bacon fats. 😀

listening to: Supperclub presents Vol. 4 – La Salle Neige


2 thoughts on “recipe of the day: baked pumpkin soup

  1. mahilig ka ba talaga magluto? dapat pala minsan punta ka sa bahay. magrachel ray tayo. lol.

    the pumpkin looks charred. ganun ba talaga ang inaa-achieve mong effect? just curious.

  2. since i have all the time in the world here, luto ako ng luto. the pumpkin was cinged for a couple of reason. matagal maluto yung soup since the pumpkin meat is about half an inch thick. the bacon need a little more time to sweat its fat when soaked. aesthetically, i like the charred look of it; so homey ang feeling. and lastly, it add a little bitter taste that enhance the taste altogether.

    let’s do a cookout when i get back. kaso i can’t do a 30 minute meals like rachel ray. parang minamadali e.

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