apartment [part 2]: poison ivy

my small kitchen. i love it since it’s complete. i even have a dish washer and a functioning oven i can bake into. not that i will. cake is so cheap here so why should i spend time baking one? :-p

kitchen countertop 1 ref 1 veggie  color ref 2 snacks kitchen countertop 2 cupboard dinning table

my dinning set is always set for four although i don’t really use it nor i entertain any guest. i just want to see the flatware set with all the trimmings. i love my set of spices, it’s very handy that a grinder is attached at the end of all the spice dispenser.

dr. pepper is an addiction i have. although coke’s cherry cola comes near in my taste buds, i can distinguish the 2 any given day. and of course how can one live without starbucks. i know i can’t. 🙂


what to do today? might as well spend time in barnes and noble in newport, installed ipass so i can use the wireless internet there and charge it to my globe visibility account. although zari’s arriving today. she’s staying in a hotel since she’ll be here only for a couple of weeks. am planning to cook so pasta so that she, jenny and i can get together after she settled in the hotel. what to do, what to do…

listening to: Kalmano – Awake From Your Dream


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