san francisco shopping spree pt.1

don’t hate me, but i splurged, on designer bags. this is of course not a big shocker, but the big shocker of this therapy is that samsonite has finally got a luxury line, the black label. staying with tita beth for the weekend, i got bored and asked tita to go with me to union square. i remember union square all so well… anyway, like any old lady (sorry tita), she likes the all reliable brands, like samsomite. i’ve told tita the night before that i might need a new luggage for all the stuff i bought here. so in we go with a heavy heart, but behold… the amalfi boston traveller’s bag.

Amalfi Boston Traveller Bag

this is the first time i actually liked a samsonite bag. according to the hottie steven (the assistant manager who waited on us), the san francisco shop is the first shop that carries the black samsonite label. i fell in love with the bag at first sight. tita was saying it’s too much, since i’ve bought a gucci tote and an lv messenger earlier. with a price tag of US$825.00 + tax, i think it’s a keeper. soft calf skin leather with all the trimmings. It comes with an art deco silk lining like that of an hermes scarf, a wet pack, shirt pack for your dress shirt, a shoe bag and a toiletry pouch. all in the art deco silk except the pouch which is in calf skin leather as well. The weave handle reminds of the bottega veneta collection and the leather trimming around the bag made it more stylish. similar to the lv tradition, this bag comes with a working vintage lock in a heart shape.

went out of the shop with the bag, and steven’s number. 😉


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