sunny cincinnati

sunny welcome to sunny cincinnati. where the sun always shines at warm 7 degree high, -2 low.

today i went out of my apartment all bundled up, gloves and jacket. i forgot my scarf but it’s 22 floors up so i decided not to. anyway, yesterday was not as cold. was i so wrong. walking to the office, i took my gloves to change tracks in my ipod; ipod works with the static that human skin produces. as soon as i took my gloves off, a sharp. cold, stinging feeling rushed through my hands. it took me about 30-45 seconds to change tracks and i am paying that price. but gloria estefanDonna Summers – Heaven Knows is so worth it. 😉

it’s officially winter here, i should have stayed in foggy san francisco where it’s much warmer. here’s a laugh.

-1sucks to be in cincinnati… even more that my gucci bag is still somewhere in transit. i should have carried the bag with from san francisco rather than have it shipped here. i’m planning to buy this other bag too.




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