blah sunday

lazy sunday morning, woke-up a bit late. didn’t do my grocery run last thursday, too cold for me, so i have to make do with bacon, smoked ham and buffalo wings to this weekend. good thing i still have a bag of dove chocolates. so it’s chocolate and regular coke for breakfast. watching re-runs of the soup and kimora lee simons at e!, i’ve notice that the foil of the chocolates have this really cutesy quotes. didn’t they have this in their bath wash or sorts? anyhoo, it’s all fun.

smart chocolates

rick will be here in a while. he’ll be staying in sharonville, some 20-30 minutes away from downtown, but he’ll be sleeping over in my apartment tonight. good thing we’ll be eating out that i don’t have to prepare anything for today. dewey’s pizza sounds delish for tonight.

this is specially for my friends. it took me a bag of slow melting, smooth, dark dove chocolates to find it. so bitches, be thankful. šŸ™‚


listening to:
– John Mayer: Dreaming With a Broken Heart


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