the shot: papa john

john meet john. a contestant at the shot, a reality tv show in vh1 for aspiring fashion photographer. but if you gonna ask me, he should be the one whose picture should be taken. he is so freaking HOTT! with that angular jaw and distinct, flowy hair, he could easily book a job. i hope that he would make it. let’s all cheer for john. 🙂

am not really into reality tv, specially tila tequila and i love new york 2; these are the kind of show that makes you wanna jump out of the terrace of a 22nd floor apartment. this show is really something and gives good insights and perspective of being a fashion photographer. and of course america’s most smartest model; laughing is good for your soul, seriously. your health couldn’t be perfecter. 😉

listening to:
The Confessions Tour – Madonna: Isaac


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