this is coffee talking

-3 it’s freezing here, literally. the sun may be up, no clouds insight but i tell you, it’s freaking cold here. i now can relate to a piece of meat in the heart of a freezer. did i just call myself a piece of meat? saucy! my cheeks are now naturally reddish, thanks to windburns and the deathly northern wind. i miss manila and her warm weather. i miss my bed, my orthopaedic mattress, manong guard at the 7th floor. the ladies and their spicy prawn crackers near the fire exit, queenie of ace transport (i love that girl!), starbucks people at shang, my yaya and her sinigang na hipon. i miss manila, period.

you may ask why i am following the weather in tokyo. you may call tokyo my 2nd home. i don’t know why, maybe because i spent a pretty good time there. or maybe because i found true friends there. i don’t know, but tokyo is place that will always be a part of me regardless that people flee by the very first english word they hear.

but if you are going to ask me if ever, since i am not considering leaving lovely manila, i am to move to a different city, it would be melbourne. i love aussies, they’re hot and friendly not to mention good medical facilities. i always consider medical facilities in relocating, maybe it’s because of my mom. she needs the best of care. melbourne for me is the closest thing to manila. next is san francisco, in an extreme kind of way. i don’t wanna get into the folsom fair, that is just extreme for me. san francisco gives you that liberating feeling that you can be who you wanna be. i love that feeling, like a super being that can fly and leap over tall building, as such in the iraq. my 2nd starbucks venti brewed coffee this morning, i’m so full of energy.

can’t wait for thanksgiving.

listening to:
Certified Hits – Crystal Gayle: Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue


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