this is coffee talking

-3 it’s freezing here, literally. the sun may be up, no clouds insight but i tell you, it’s freaking cold here. i now can relate to a piece of meat in the heart of a freezer. did i just call myself a piece of meat? saucy! my cheeks are now naturally reddish, thanks to windburns and the deathly northern wind. i miss manila and her warm weather. i miss my bed, my orthopaedic mattress, manong guard at the 7th floor. the ladies and their spicy prawn crackers near the fire exit, queenie of ace transport (i love that girl!), starbucks people at shang, my yaya and her sinigang na hipon. i miss manila, period.

you may ask why i am following the weather in tokyo. you may call tokyo my 2nd home. i don’t know why, maybe because i spent a pretty good time there. or maybe because i found true friends there. i don’t know, but tokyo is place that will always be a part of me regardless that people flee by the very first english word they hear.

but if you are going to ask me if ever, since i am not considering leaving lovely manila, i am to move to a different city, it would be melbourne. i love aussies, they’re hot and friendly not to mention good medical facilities. i always consider medical facilities in relocating, maybe it’s because of my mom. she needs the best of care. melbourne for me is the closest thing to manila. next is san francisco, in an extreme kind of way. i don’t wanna get into the folsom fair, that is just extreme for me. san francisco gives you that liberating feeling that you can be who you wanna be. i love that feeling, like a super being that can fly and leap over tall building, as such in the iraq. my 2nd starbucks venti brewed coffee this morning, i’m so full of energy.

can’t wait for thanksgiving.

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Certified Hits – Crystal Gayle: Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue


the shot: papa john

john meet john. a contestant at the shot, a reality tv show in vh1 for aspiring fashion photographer. but if you gonna ask me, he should be the one whose picture should be taken. he is so freaking HOTT! with that angular jaw and distinct, flowy hair, he could easily book a job. i hope that he would make it. let’s all cheer for john. 🙂

am not really into reality tv, specially tila tequila and i love new york 2; these are the kind of show that makes you wanna jump out of the terrace of a 22nd floor apartment. this show is really something and gives good insights and perspective of being a fashion photographer. and of course america’s most smartest model; laughing is good for your soul, seriously. your health couldn’t be perfecter. 😉

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The Confessions Tour – Madonna: Isaac

jean blog

a love story about a good pair of jeans.

evisu jeans

i’ve always believe that things speaks to you. shoes speaks to you, bags speaks to you, stuff speaks to you. there’s a relationship. before i buy bags, shoes, clothes, it has to speak to me. there’s a story that you develop between you and stuff you own. the jeans you wore when you first met, the white shirt you soiled when making a move on date; the shoes, the shoes, the SHOES! anyway 😉 , i love it when other people have that kind of relationship and i hope that you’ll have that kind of relationship too.

here’s an excerpt of the love story.

They have been a good friend and treated like a family member, and I would never sell or part with them.

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FutureSex/LoveSounds – Justin Timberlake: Love Stoned I think She knows

blah sunday

lazy sunday morning, woke-up a bit late. didn’t do my grocery run last thursday, too cold for me, so i have to make do with bacon, smoked ham and buffalo wings to this weekend. good thing i still have a bag of dove chocolates. so it’s chocolate and regular coke for breakfast. watching re-runs of the soup and kimora lee simons at e!, i’ve notice that the foil of the chocolates have this really cutesy quotes. didn’t they have this in their bath wash or sorts? anyhoo, it’s all fun.

smart chocolates

rick will be here in a while. he’ll be staying in sharonville, some 20-30 minutes away from downtown, but he’ll be sleeping over in my apartment tonight. good thing we’ll be eating out that i don’t have to prepare anything for today. dewey’s pizza sounds delish for tonight.

this is specially for my friends. it took me a bag of slow melting, smooth, dark dove chocolates to find it. so bitches, be thankful. 🙂


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– John Mayer: Dreaming With a Broken Heart

san francisco shopping spree pt.2: new lover

hot, hot, HOTT! that’s all i could think of when i first saw this bag in union square. my mouth literally fell open after seeing this precious, precious bag. all that walking around downtown san francisco finally paid off.


the sales person at gucci was specially nice. she gave me 10% off after looking at my gucci account. and you know what? i don’t even have to pay the 8.5% sales tax in san francisco! it seems that if i have my purchase shipped to cincinnati, i don’t have to pay any sales tax since they don’t have a gucci store in ohio. i just have to wait a week before i get it…

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