the shot: papa john

john meet john. a contestant at the shot, a reality tv show in vh1 for aspiring fashion photographer. but if you gonna ask me, he should be the one whose picture should be taken. he is so freaking HOTT! with that angular jaw and distinct, flowy hair, he could easily book a job. i hope that he would make it. let’s all cheer for john. 🙂

am not really into reality tv, specially tila tequila and i love new york 2; these are the kind of show that makes you wanna jump out of the terrace of a 22nd floor apartment. this show is really something and gives good insights and perspective of being a fashion photographer. and of course america’s most smartest model; laughing is good for your soul, seriously. your health couldn’t be perfecter. 😉

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The Confessions Tour – Madonna: Isaac


blues clues does red

wednesday fever, yey! we had our group’s monthy coffee talk. it’s basically a meeting, a townhall if you will, were we announce important stuff, gives award to crazy people and dress crazier. it’s an excuse to be mad if you ask me 😉 . but it’s really nice, i mean to have an avenue to reward people for their hardwork, to get together and touch base with other teams and enjoy each other’s company. this month’s team is kiddie party!


the committee handed out custom invitations, a piece of paper with a cartoon or kiddie character-uncolored together with a crayon. just one. you get to color the image and since you only have a piece, you need to ‘borrow’ from other people. cleverly put to encourage people to talk and ask from others. it was unfortunate though that my invitation had blues clues on it with a scarlet crayon.

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black is beautiful

to compliment my black n80, i decided to treat myself with a new black ipod video. me thinks the black one is so slick however… you see, i was torn between the 30gb and 80gb model. the 30 being slimmer and sexier but i bought the 80 instead. i would be stuffing it with all my cd collection, given the chance that i’ll be able to rip them to my laptop, as well as movies that i promised myself to watch but never get the chance to. so the plan is to put the movie to my ipod and watch in while in commute to the office. taxi ride from my apartment to the office is a good 30-45 minutes, half a movie or an episode of house, a favorite series of mine. i need to watch the critically acclaimed sideways. it’s gathering dust and cowwebs in my shelf. lots of great movies. so the 80gb model would be good, albeit the icky thickness, the extra 50gb of space by a measly 5k difference is good enough for me.

black beauty

used the n80 to capture this image. though it’s 3.2megapixel, it’s not the a good equipment to take pictures with. but will do for those just insta-moments. i just liked the wifi connectivity of it. lookey at my yellow journal! it’s pretty noh?!? bought it at papemelroti. i like that shade of yellow, very pleasing to the eyes. i put the free apple sticker in front for some spunk.

sunday was a blast. started my day with a spa treatment, body scrub followed by a relaxing massage. this has now become a weekly ritual for me. a way to de-stress and detoxify my week. i suggest it to all of you, given the chance, treat yourself to a good massage. after, stuffed my faced silly in mexicali with chicken enchilada and salsa dip, followed by a chocolate dome cake in cheesecake etc. i have an appointment with my orthodontist for an adjustment of my pain device, otherwise known as braces. good thing my doctor has a supply of vicodin, i love that drug! i was in dental heaven right after. richard, ome and armand, sensing that i was in pain (more like heaven thanks to vicodin) picked me up late night for some coffee and dessert at starbucks in banawe. nice place, though the crowd is more like college-early-20’s, mandarin/fookien/cantonese speaking aliens. though i’m half that blood and richard being full blooded chekwa, we never really enjoy seeing nor hearing them. maybe the fact that we’ve heard a lot of that since the dawn of time. but the place is spacious and comfy. lots of couches and automan to put you shopping bags on. i have a renewed love affair with my carbon tote bag; spacious everyday bag.

bagelya potpot

ok, fine, guilty….

last purchase before i do spend less. don’t blame me, blame the bag. if yaya can see it now, i know he would go ga-ga over it. but who wouldn’t? this bag is so, so, so ME that i need to buy it. looks good on my shoulder. i modeled it a couple of times, actually on my shoulder while i was shopping at calvin klein together with mom. the nice sales person was nice enough to bear with my ranting of this great find, well what sales person wouldn’t seeing a potential customer gone berzerk. after some 30 minutes at the store, i managed to snag a new bag, 2 shirt and a belt. enough said, here’s my new find…

bagelya potpot

ain’t life beautiful?