san francisco shopping spree pt.2: new lover

hot, hot, HOTT! that’s all i could think of when i first saw this bag in union square. my mouth literally fell open after seeing this precious, precious bag. all that walking around downtown san francisco finally paid off.


the sales person at gucci was specially nice. she gave me 10% off after looking at my gucci account. and you know what? i don’t even have to pay the 8.5% sales tax in san francisco! it seems that if i have my purchase shipped to cincinnati, i don’t have to pay any sales tax since they don’t have a gucci store in ohio. i just have to wait a week before i get it…

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recipe of the day: baked pumpkin soup


  • 1 small size ripe pumpkin
  • onion
  • garlic
  • green pepper
  • bacon
  • olive oil

cut open the pumpkin on top. scrape all seeds and fibers until the pumpkin meat is exposed. set aside. in a bowl, pull all scrapings and add hot water. press down the fibers until the flavor comes out. mince onion and garlic and cube the green pepper to size desired. put pumpkin on a plate and add the garlic, onion and pepper inside. season with sea salt, pepper corn, thyme and italian herbs. add the pumpkin extract until it the pumpkin is filled to the rim. slice some bacon and put on top. cover the pumpkin with the head and place in a preheated oven set to 500 farenheit. cook for 1 hour 20 minutes. oven baked remove the pumpkin cover after 20 minutes to allow bacon to cook. add olive oil by pouring on top of the bacon. stir the soup every 15 minutes to evenly cook. serve in a large dish bowl.


baked pumpkin soup baked pumkin soup

best served with angel cake to scoop those tasty bacon fats. 😀

listening to: Supperclub presents Vol. 4 – La Salle Neige

fish course: mahi

anyone wants grilled mahi with shallot reduction and grilled green pepper? after stuffing myself silly with la rosa’s, quizno, arby’s and chinese takeout, i’ve decided to start cooking. and not those instant microwavables that you can see abundant at the groceries here. i wanted old fashion cooked food, not over excited water molecules. so tons of pans,  plates, utensils, glass and more cleaning. good thing i have a dish washer in my apartment.

mahi with a side of shallot reduction and grilled green pepper


  • fresh slice of mahi from your local  fish market
  • sea salt
  • pepper corn
  • black pepper corn
  • rosemary

season the mahi with rosemary, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. place in a preheated grill set to 500 farenheit. grill each side for 2 minutes. sprinkle freshly ground pepper corn on each side and cook for an additional 2 minutes. place sliced green pepper in the grill until charred to taste.

for the shallot reduction, ingredients are:

  • 5 shallots
  • light vinegar
  • stock
  • salt
  • pepper

heat stock and vinegar in a pan. celery stock is preferred but any stock would do. season with salt and pepper. come to a boil and put the shallots. put into a low fire after 2 minutes until the stock have reached a sauce like consistency.

plating: in a plate put the grilled mahi on the side shallots and green pepper on the other. sprinkle the shallots with freshly ground pepper corn and italian herb. lightly cover the mahi with extra virgin olive oil.


most probably i’ll have steak and mash potato (homemade of course) for dinner. or maybe shiitake mushroom with garlic olive oil, oregano and chives. sounds delicious with wine but no alcohol for me. the last alcohol i put into my system was san mig light and it was 3 months ago. i promised myself that i will be alcohol free for at least 6 months. and i intend to keep that.